East Coast’s Hollywood

7 Mar

Washington, D.C. is the east coast’s version of Hollywood yet this Hollywood has more of 80’s classic “Revenge of the Nerds” running this town.  Nothing wrong with the president of the debate team running this monumental city, however, frolicking through the streets of D.C. you notice more suits and oddly mismatched clothes than going through an artist’s closet in Brooklyn. The fashion in D.C. is more professional and when our first lady, Michelle Obama, is known to be D.C.’s best dressed, there most be something wrong with this picture. Not knocking our first lady’s fashion taste, especially since our first lady as significantly boost the sales, and became the honorary spokeswoman of J.Crew. She does have decent taste but I still wouldn’t call her best dressed.

Santorum’s campaign propaganda… donate money and you get a sweater vest. My wish came true, I always wanted a Rick Santorum sweater vest…. not!!! It’s a clever idea but still, it’s cheesy. It’s the “Revenge of the Nerds” version of fundraising. haha…

I don’t care who or what political party you represent, who do you think Obama will be running against?


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