Occupy Wallstreet Protesters

7 Mar

What bugs me the most is that every morning when I walk from the parking garage to work I always have to walk pass the stupid “Occupy Wallstreet”protesters.  What erks me about this is that clearly none of the protesters have jobs since they would be working instead of standing out in the cold, waving their cut out pieces of cardboard with messages that states, “Honk if you are the 99%.” What annoys me the most is that clearly these protesters are wasting their days away holding a piece of cardboard when they should be contributing to society. Instead of complaining about the 1%, remember they are paying the most into the welfare, unemployment, WIC, etc. Furthermore, not only the 1% is paying into those programs but also the 91.5% of employed Americans. So instead of creating signs that are unappreciative towards the people who are putting their hard-working money into the system for your unemployed, “free handout,” maybe create a sign that says THANK YOU! Maybe us 91.5% employed Americans may be a little more okay with our taxes supporting you.

Since I loathe this protest, I’ve always joked about having a tent located directly on the opposite side of the street with signs that say, “Jobfair (that way)——->” or “Dear Occupy Protesters, You’re welcome! Sincerely, 91.5%” Yet… they already beat me to it….

… darn it!


Readers: Do you still have occupy protesters in your community? What are you thoughts are regarding this protest? Do you think it has changed anything?


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