War On Women

20 Mar

Oklahoma Personhood

I am just outraged on all the news I am reading that are targeting women’s issues: abortion, birth control and rape.  All three are being demise in many states across the nation and I feel as if this is completely ridiculous.  I understand the majority of these lawmakers are in the political party that I represent, the GOP, but the issues and preposterous statements regarding these women’s rights are wrong.

These rights have been fought by many high-strong women who felt that us, women, should have the right to make their own decision for their own body.  Why should a politician who does not know me, tell me what I can or cannot do with my body.  We don’t restrict men from anything.  Us, women, don’t limit any of their rights, so why must they belittle/demean my gender?

Currently, I feel as if the focus on the GOP presidential Debate, especially with Santorum is mostly dealing with women and birth control. Santorum, think America‘s main focus is on how to fix the economy, not if I should consult with my employer if I should take birth control or not.  These bogus statements make me so irate.  It’s like why should you limit my right on if I should or should not get an abortion. You don’t want me (women) to have an abortion then don’t bitch when you (as in government) must increase the welfare budget to accommodate the increase in children.

Furthermore, the statements that claiming rape is another method for women to seek abortions. Seriously, Idaho, your state ideology is very backwards and, most importantly, your thought process is chauvinistic. This perplexes me.  How do you know if a women was really raped?  How dare you declare that these women do this to just get what they want.  Your ignorance to the female gender if baffling and I hope you don’t get re-elected, you don’t deserve it.

I do have a solution to this abortion and birth control debate. If you (as in politicians) feel as if these two women’s rights should be eliminated then why don’t you (as a government) think of a better solution than limiting a human being’s rights. I do have a solution that would really end all abortion and birth control debates. Why doesn’t the government mandate that every male MUST receive a vasectomy which will eliminate the abortion issue; in addition to, the birth control issue. However, this would never fly in committee since the majority of politicians are males.  Why should a male have to perform this act?  A vasectomy is very safe and simple procedure PLUS it is reversible. So why not?  If you (as a government) are planning to eliminate my rights on taking birth control or abortion, but, no offense congress this is 2012. Instead of going back 6 decades with in-stating ridiculous laws, move forward. 

These laws are long prohibiting advancement in our society and making our country a more socialistic society.  I really hope the women in this country start to stand up and fight for your rights.  These lawmakers are restricting your rights as a human and woman and I feel as if you don’t stand up, these politicians will use it against us (women).  I see it as an insult to the women who lost their lives fighting for our rights that we take for granted these days. Instead of worrying about Snooki and her illegitimate child, worry about the possible rights you (woman) are about to lose.  In closing, women it’s about time to standup, support one another and reverse the negativity that is going through congress. We are over half of the population in our country, we bare the numbers so less use them.



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