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Election 2012: Debates

18 Oct



What are the first adjectives that come to mind when you think of a President or Vice President? A few that comes to my mind: poise, class, highly intelligent and Pro-America.



Watching these debates I am slowly losing my mind on how awful these candidates are acting. The most appalling to watch was the Vice Presidential debate between Biden and Ryan. Vice President Joe Biden acted like a defeated immature high school boy. He’s actions did not represent what a Vice President of a country should act like. Although, he’s actions were disrespectful yet he was getting praised from his party. To be honest, I’m not even sure what came out of Biden or Ryan’s mouth but all I remember was Biden’s facial expressions, constantly interrupting Ryan and laughing. I’m sorry I sort of lost the memo that our country’s fate is not struggling and this is some joking manner.


The best part about this debate is when I spoke to people that agreed that Biden won – I asked, why? They said he dominated the answers and stood his ground. I’m not sure what they saw or heard but I clearly did not see that. His actions were far from dominating the debate. Maybe if he was a part of a three-ring circus then, yes, I would agree Biden won. However, this was a debate regarding our country. There needs to have some more poise and class displayed by the candidates. What dumbfounded me the most was the fact that the people who supports Obama/Biden, mentioned that how’s Biden acts – “You expect that from him.”

Again, I’m sorry – I didn’t vote you into office last term; why should I vote you into office again? Do I feel you deserve to be Vice President of the United States of America? No, I think he is far from capable of running a country. My teachers in high school used to say, your actions will perceive you. Heads up Biden, your actions were despicable and Obama should have actually cringed on how terrible you represented him and this country.

Long story short, I attended a friend of mine’s law school class last Saturday during my visit. The professor started off with the class asking if we watched the debate, who thought Biden won and who thought Ryan won. After the class was done being involved, the professor preceded to go on about how lawyers use the tactic in court of laughing, smirking, making comments and he told the class that is NOT how to act in court. That is NOT professional and it makes you look bad. The professor mentioned that he witnessed many attorneys act like that and most of them don’t do well because most judges or jury don’t remember what was said but the way he acted. After he was done ranting over Biden’s awful behavior, I looked at my friend (who bleeds blue) and whispered, “I told you.”

This is 2012, the 21st century, we are in different times yet we are still in the same spot where we were decades ago. We all still live on the principles of being professional in the workplace and having some poise and class to go behind that. Even though, my generation is more relaxed than our parent’s generation we still have the same standards of professionalism that needs to be displayed when you are in some form of leadership (i.e. CFO, President of a company, business owner, or President or Vice President of USA).


Therefore, our differences make the world go round, especially when it comes down to politics but in the end we are still a part of America and WE elect these public officials to represent us as a whole. We are the laughing stock of our global community and I don’t expect that to change especially with Biden being in office.



“I have binders full of women… “

18 Oct

Mostly all of the Democrat women I have came into contact with are finding Gov. Romney’s comment offensive. But why? The pre-context mentioned that his intentions (as Gov) were to get more women in higher leadership roles. Personally, I didn’t find that offensive, I found  it empowering.

Women, WE are the reason why WE (as a gender) CAN’T get passed the glass ceiling. We keep making comments that oppress’ our gender. So why must we make these types of comments?  What I find baffling is the fact these Democrat women making these statements constantly ask me when am I involved in a party that goes against women’s right? Though, I find it funny these women don’t want “these” politicians to dictate what they can and cannot do with their body. However, they are okay with making comments that oppress our gender. Make jokes that a man wanted to see women presented in government leadership positions. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. Do you? Romney sought out women organizations that provided him “binders full of women” who were highly qualified for leadership roles. How can anyone, especially women, find that offensive?

To answer the previous question above asked by a good friend of mine, “Why/how can I be associated with a party that wants to remove women’s rights issues?”

Here’s my answer: I am a Republican woman because I believe that if we keep up with wasteful spending, borrowing from our international community, our economy will collapse. I focus on the economy because if we can’t fund our own government agencies and organizations, our country will not be able to help support non-profit organizations like Planned Parenthood. So, those women’s right issues that everyone states a big deal over will be diminished. These social issues like welfare, SSI, etc. will be diminished too. Being a Republican doesn’t mean I don’t believe women should have the choice to decide what to do with her body because I 100% do.  Republican Party states that they are pro-life it doesn’t mean they will eliminate Roe v. Wade. So don’t get all worked up because these politicians believe something different than you. I am a Republican woman and I don’t feel any sort of being oppressed by my party. The only reason why I ever feel oppressed is the fact that us women (both parties) cannot stick up for each other. We are always the first to bash other women when they succeed.

Thus, I believe another four years of wasteful spending, implementing Obamacare and not using our natural resources – our country will fail. We are at a fragile state, full of broken promises. America will decide on November 6 and the choice is solely yours …… Choose wisely – the future is in what YOU decide.