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“Docket In Your Pocket”

7 Mar

I seriously love technology and proud how far we – as a society – has come. Today my best friend’s boyfriend was sharing with us about a new iphone application called Docket In Your Pocket (cost $2.99 and so far it’s only available for Pennslyvania Residents) and it literally allows you to check anyone’s criminal background and also civil suits. Since it is all public knowledge this data base bares all. My friend and I decided to get a little curious with this application and searched ourselves. Well since neither of us has been in trouble with the law – civil or criminal – we both didn’t show up in the data base (thank god!). However, we decided to get a little more daring on the applicants that we chose. We started out with recent ex-boyfriends – guys we dated and so on and so forth. Let me tell you, this application really is informative.

I honestly believe that everyone should purchase this app – parents, women, men, anyone who is doing online dating – you need to purchase this. This application can literally save you from getting yourself into unnecessary drama or even someone who may have lied about their “innocent” past.

Living in the 21st Century we must take particular precautions and I think this application is a good start.

Here are some screen shots of the app.