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“I have binders full of women… “

18 Oct

Mostly all of the Democrat women I have came into contact with are finding Gov. Romney’s comment offensive. But why? The pre-context mentioned that his intentions (as Gov) were to get more women in higher leadership roles. Personally, I didn’t find that offensive, I found  it empowering.

Women, WE are the reason why WE (as a gender) CAN’T get passed the glass ceiling. We keep making comments that oppress’ our gender. So why must we make these types of comments?  What I find baffling is the fact these Democrat women making these statements constantly ask me when am I involved in a party that goes against women’s right? Though, I find it funny these women don’t want “these” politicians to dictate what they can and cannot do with their body. However, they are okay with making comments that oppress our gender. Make jokes that a man wanted to see women presented in government leadership positions. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. Do you? Romney sought out women organizations that provided him “binders full of women” who were highly qualified for leadership roles. How can anyone, especially women, find that offensive?

To answer the previous question above asked by a good friend of mine, “Why/how can I be associated with a party that wants to remove women’s rights issues?”

Here’s my answer: I am a Republican woman because I believe that if we keep up with wasteful spending, borrowing from our international community, our economy will collapse. I focus on the economy because if we can’t fund our own government agencies and organizations, our country will not be able to help support non-profit organizations like Planned Parenthood. So, those women’s right issues that everyone states a big deal over will be diminished. These social issues like welfare, SSI, etc. will be diminished too. Being a Republican doesn’t mean I don’t believe women should have the choice to decide what to do with her body because I 100% do.  Republican Party states that they are pro-life it doesn’t mean they will eliminate Roe v. Wade. So don’t get all worked up because these politicians believe something different than you. I am a Republican woman and I don’t feel any sort of being oppressed by my party. The only reason why I ever feel oppressed is the fact that us women (both parties) cannot stick up for each other. We are always the first to bash other women when they succeed.

Thus, I believe another four years of wasteful spending, implementing Obamacare and not using our natural resources – our country will fail. We are at a fragile state, full of broken promises. America will decide on November 6 and the choice is solely yours …… Choose wisely – the future is in what YOU decide.