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Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day!

19 Mar

Top o’ the evening to ya!

I hope everyone’s St. Paddy’s day was full-filled with lots of Irish cheer and green beer. 

This blog will not deal with anything about my normal post about politics and current events but about the rarity of having an intelligent conversation at the bar. Today I was texting my guy friend about how great it was to actually have a conversation that isn’t regarding any IQ dropping topic (i.e. Jersey Shore or Snooki’s oompa loompa fetus) but having a conversation that really that had substance. I felt that everyone in our group was educated about many different topics but most importantly current events and politics. Most people go off by opinion but not by actual facts, however, everyone held their own.

It felt nice not getting pissed off at people’s ignorance to politics and to tell them to read a history book before acknowledging another political conversation with me. I refuse to talk to someone who has no understanding of who, what, when, and how things happened which usually gives them a different understanding of the truth. I’m not trying to sound like a know-it-all but I just can’t stand the ignorance of people, especially when it comes to politics. If I don’t know much about a topic, I won’t give my opinion because how am I suppose to share what I think when I have little to no knowledge about the topic (i.e. engineering). 

I know I am cutting this blog short but I really wanted to share the importance of being an educated and intelligent person and how rewarding it is to connect intellectually with people. I feel as if society, especially my generation, is lacking communication skills since texting and facebooking has changed the entire way of life so it’s harder for these types of conversations to happen. In close, yesterday’s all day drinking day not only was full-filled with Irish cheer, green beer but a surprisingly intellectual, stimulating conversation. Thank you all!